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'Hediye almak' sö...
: 'ACABA ŞANSLI KİŞİ KİM OLACAK?' 'Hediye almak' sözü hepimiz için kuşkusuz bir zevk.Hediyenin ne olduğunu tahmin etme süreci,elimize aldığı...

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Cupid Hits the UES
Valentine’s Day comes just once a year. So you can be sure our favorites made it a day they’ll never forget. For better or worse, obviously. Roses are red, violets are blue. I love drama and I know you all do too.
Blair was racing out the door to W when Serena dropped by to talk Valentine’s Day. Since Blair was single and Serena was in the early part of a relationship with Ben, why don’t they forgo the typical VDay activities and spend it together? Love, love, love these besties. B said sure unless of course work interferes. Which it did when Blair got an important assignment at W. There was going to be a new feature on the magazine’s blog. “Bright Young Thing” which would follow around an it girl one night a month. Blair knew exactly who should be the very first subject: Raina Thorpe. Not only was Raina an up and comer from Chicago but this way Blair could keep her eye on her and Chuck on Valentine’s Day. Even though Blair was certain their relationship was fake, it’s always good to stay on top of things…
As for Bass Industries, Chuck and Lily were intent on figuring out a way to keep the business and its name under their control. Or at least keeping them involved and not kicked to the curb when Russell Thorpe bought it. What could they possibly do to save it? There had to be something. And that’s when Chuck had an idea. He would throw a totally hot Valentine’s Day party. If it were a success, Russell would see that the Bass brand still had a ton of value. Why get rid of a good thing? With some urging from Raina, Russell agreed to it. He’d put a pin in his plan to tear apart Bass Industries for 36 hours. Woo hoo!
But then the Captain came to Chuck with an interesting revelation he learned while working at Thorpe Enterprises. Turns out, the Captain was copied on a report with a breakdown of how Russell was planning to dismantle Bass Industries and then resell it to possible buyers. The weird part being that the company was way more profitable if kept whole. Russell’s a great businessman and knows his stuff. So what the hell was he doing this all for? Could his acquiring Bass be more than just a business deal? Could it be personal? Hmm…
Chuck was determined to figure out what Russell’s damage was. Why did he hate him so much? Chuck asked Raina what the deal was. And that’s when Raina dropped the bomb: Russell and Lily used to date! And she left him for Bart. Aha! Love triangle. Made perfect sense.  No wonder Russell wanted to destroy Bass Industries. Chuck was angry at Lily that she hadn’t disclosed such pertinent information. So he went to Russell and told him his loyalty was with Bass Industries. Not with his stepmother. Her being involved with all of this was a conflict of interest. In fact, Lily should be fired at once. Whoa!
Over in Brooklyn, the world’s most awkward pair of roommates was trying to settle into a routine. Too bad you could cut the uncomfortable-ness with a knife. However, the two did have something in common: prose (dork alert). Dan was a writer (in case you didn’t know) and had written a piece about living with your ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend. He was hoping to give it to Epperly so she could send it to someone at Conde Nast. Though when he emailed the article to her, he got an automatic response that Epperly no longer worked there. Fail. But Ben had read Dan’s piece and thought it was good. And the teacher in him told Dan to find out who the new Epperly was and to get it to her instead. Dan appreciated the advice. Maybe his new roomie wasn’t that bad. And Ben, who was having trouble finding a job (ex-cons have it rough), also got a little help from Dan: his cater waiter contact. Turns out, that place is not very picky when it comes to their employees. Ben was thankful. Perhaps this living together thing wouldn’t be that awful after all.
Dan followed Ben’s words and was on a search to find the new Epperly. And boy was he surprised to find out her replacement was none other than his movie going sort of friend/sort of not friend Blair. Of course, B was not interested in Dan’s pathetic article. She had bigger things on her plate. Good day, Lonely Boy. Although when it comes to his writing, that Dan Humphrey is awfully persistent. He decided that he was going to find her at the Valentine’s Day party and make her read it! Talk about pushy.
Blair was elated that Raina had agreed to do the W feature. Things were really on the up and up for her. But that all changed when Serena learned the truth about Chuck and Raina’s relationship. On the contraire of what Blair believed, those two were 100% real! Chuck liked Raina. Raina liked Chuck. There was no faking to be had whatsoever. And Serena knew that if Blair found out the truth she’d be heartbroken. So being a good friend, Serena quickly talked Raina out of doing the it girl piece. When Blair found this out, she panicked. What was she going to do now?? And when Blair learned Serena was behind Raina’s quitting she was livid (and that would be an understatement). What the ef was Serena’s problem? Things only got worse when Blair learned from Dan (loose lips sink ships, Humphrey!) that Serena thought Ben was a tutor instead of a cater waiter (wouldn’t you lie about that, too?). And with that, B suddenly had an idea. Or a scheme…
At Chuck’s party, Blair begged Serena to let her do the it girl feature on her BFF. Pretty please? Serena, reluctantly, agreed to it. Anything to help Blair, I suppose. Anyway, S was in for a surprise when B asked the final question: Who was her valentine? But before Serena could answer, Blair revealed that S’s valentine was actually at the party. Working it. Serena was confused. Until she looked over and saw Ben. In his fugly cater waiter uniform. Huh? Wasn’t he supposed to be tutoring? Blair also divulged, to the cameraman and reporter, that Ben was an ex-convict. Um, wow. Way to blow S’s spot, B.
Chuck decided to give Raina a very special Valentine’s Day. He had learned that she was supposed to go to Venice but had to cancel her trip. So Chuck decided to bring Venice to her. Bellissima! The room was decorated totally Venetian style complete with cocktails for Harry’s Bar. It was stunning. Raina was totally taken aback. How romantic! But then Lily showed up. Buzzkill! And she was majorly pissed. What was Chuck doing by having her fired? Chuck laid into her. Big time. He was mad that she had left out the part about dating Russell. It was obvious she was no businessman. All Lily was was a groupie. Ouch. She told Chuck he had made a huge mistake. Lilly was trying to salvage Bass Industries. If the two of them had worked together, they could have succeeded. But Chuck didn’t care. Lily’s time with Bass Industries was done. Since Raina witnessed the whole thing, she was pretty disgusted by the way Chuck treated his stepmother. That’s not hot or romantic. Actually, now Raina wanted nothing to do with him.
To make matters even worse Russell admitted to Chuck that he had set him up. He had no intentions of ever not dismantling Bass Industries. Chuck’s company was over like his relationships with Lily and Raina. No family. No girl. No business. Nothing. Sad!
Serena was beyond angry at Blair. Why would her BFF embarrass her like this? But Blair was just as mad at Serena. How could she make Raina quit the W feature? Was Serena that jealous of her professional success? S said she only did it to protect Blair. Because Chuck and Raina… Well, they’re the real deal. Blair assured Serena it was just an act. Chuck was faking it in order to save his company. In fact, she was going to find Chuck to prove to Serena she was right all along!
Blair searched the party for Chuck. She needed to prove that Serena was wrong! Then B found the Venetian room. WTH was this? The relentless stalker that is Dan Humphrey was there. He told her Chuck had built the room for Raina. Wow, Chuck was really going full force with this faking thing. When Chuck and Raina entered the room, Blair and Dan quickly hid in a closet. Chuck pleaded with Raina to forgive him. But she just could not believe he’d disrespect Lily like that. What kind of person does that? And to family, no less. Chuck told Raina that her father wasn’t such a good guy himself. He had pitted Chuck against his stepmother on purpose. This was all Russell’s fault. Chuck really wanted Raina to take a chance on him but she just couldn’t. He did such a horrible thing to Lily, what’s to say he wouldn’t do the same to her. Whatever it was the two of them had was definitely over. Chuck was visibly upset (um, you don’t see that everyday). Unfortunately, Blair had witnessed the whole thing, She was in shock. Chuck had real, true feelings for Raina? How could this be? With tears in her eyes, Dan tried to console her by offering his hand. But she rejected it. While a Humphrey hand isn’t very desirable, it’s still a helping hand. Poor Blair L
Realizing she was wrong, Blair apologized to Serena. Chuck and Raina were real. She appreciated that Serena was trying to protect her. And luckily, the W it girl piece on S was going to be great. Blair had found some incriminating Facebook pics of the interviewer. Any mention of Ben in jail would be removed. And with that, S forgave her. Besties 4ever.
Fortunately for S, Ben texted her to meet him at a bar. He admitted he should have been honest about his job situation. He was just a bit embarrassed. Perhaps he could make it up to her and they could spend what was left of Valentine’s Day together. Ooh romantic!
Blair had one more person to make right with. She called Dan and told him she had sent his article to a junior editor at Vanity Fair. It was actually really good. Dan was extremely thankful. He asked her how she was holding up after all that had gone down at the party. Blair told him she was going to watch the perfect anti-Valentine’s Day movie: Rosemary’s Baby. That’s one of Dan’s favorites as well. Obviously. So the two of them decided to watch together. Over the phone. Interesting. To say the least.
Chuck was in the pits. Everything was crumbling. However, there was a ray of hope! When Russell fired the Captain (for leaking the info to Chuck), he managed to hold on to his Thorpe Industries keycard. Score! And since the Captain had copies of all the passwords, they had 48 hours to get into Thorpe’s office and do some snooping. Maybe it wasn’t over just yet for Bass Industries…
All the while, Eric was spending his Valentine’s Day being a good person by giving out food to the homeless. That van der Woodsen is just too kind for words. Eric had hoped that Jonathan would come around. Isn’t it possible that Valentine’s Day could be the perfect opportunity for them to reunite? So at the end of E’s shift when a fellow volunteer told him there was a cute guy waiting for him, he got excited. Could it be Jonathan? Exciting! But um, no. Instead, it was Damien Dalgaard. WTF? Eric wanted nothing to do with that terrible guy. But Damien was irate. Ever since Dan and Nate snitched on him, he’d been under a microscope with his dad. This was a big problem. Eric didn’t understand why it was his problem but then Damien reminded him of all the things he had told him when they were hanging out. You know, the stuff about Lily signing an affidavit that put an innocent man to jail. Perjury’s a felony. Lily could spend serious time behind bars. And with that, Eric was obliged to do whatever Damien asked of him. Yikes x a billion!
Oh man. I thought we were all safe from that sinister Damien Dalgaard. Crap. I hope our UESers are ready for him. Because his reappearance seems to be a pretty dire omen. You have been warned.

Türkiye güzeline +24 engeli

2009 Türkiye güzeli Ebru Şam önceki gece arkadaşlarıyla eğlenmek için gittiği Beyoğlu’ndaki NuPera’ya alınmadı.
Türkiye güzeline +24 engeli

Bir viski markasının partisi olduğu için mekâna giremeyen 21 yaşındaki Şam “24 yaş sınırına takıldım ve şoke oldum” dedi. 

Acun'un kızı patron oluyor

Acun'un kızı patron oluyorAcun Ilıcalı'nın 21 yaşındaki kızı iş dünyasına hızlı giriyor.

Ünlü yapımcı Acun Ilıcalı’nın ilk eşinden olan 21 yaşındaki kızı İlknur Banu Ilıcalı amcası doktor Ömer Cenker Ilıcalı ile birlikte 2 şirket kurarak iş hayatına girmeye hazırlanıyor.
İki isim yanlarına Ahmet İrem Kanan’ı da alarak Acunn İnternet ve Bilişim Teknolojileri ve BLY Gıda Sanayi adlarıyla 2 şirket kurdu. Şirketlerin kuruluş tarihi de ilginç: 14 Şubat. Hatırlanacağı üzere, boşanma sürecinde olan Acun Ilıcalı ve Zeynep Ilıcalı’nın davaları 14 Şubat tarihine verilmiş, ikili Sevgililer Günü’nü boşanma davasıyla hatırlamak istemediği için tarihi değiştirmek istemişti.
İstanbul Ticaret Odası kayıtlarına göre, Acunn İnternet ve Bilişim şirketi “teknolojinin sağladığı ve ileride sağlayacağı her türlü olanakları kullanarak elektronik ortamda gazete, dergi ve benzeri yayınlar” yapacak. BLY Gıda Sanayi şirketiyle ise restoran açılması planlanıyor. Şirketin iş konusu olarak her türlü gıda maddesinin üretim, alım, satım ve pazarlaması gözüküyor.
Yok Böyle Dans’tan, Yetenek Sizsiniz Türkiye’ye kadar pek çok projeye imza atan Acun Ilıcalı’nın mal varlığı da boşanma davasıyla gündeme gelmişti.
Boşanma davasının dilekçesine göre, Acun Ilıcalı’nın yaklaşık 50 milyon TL’ye yakın serveti bulunuyor. Açıklamalı listeye göre de Ilıcalı’nın Show TV’den alacağı 26 milyon TL’nin yanı sıra Levent, Beykoz, Yalıkavak, Çamlıca, Bahamalar ve 2 tane Miami’de olmak üzere toplam 7 ev, 3 otomobil ve 2 teknesi var.

Acun Ilıcalı, 1995 yılında
İstanbul’da kot dükkânı açarak ticarete atıldı, ancak iflas etti. Ardından Beşiktaş muhabirliğiyle televizyon dünyasına adım atan Acun Ilıcalı, adını en çok Televole programı ile duyurdu.  2002 yılında da Acun Firarda adıyla kendi programını yapan Ilıcalı, 2005 yılında da Acun Medya adlı yapım şirketi kurdu. Acun Ilıcalı bu şirket ile, Survivor’dan Var Mısın Yok Musun’a, Fear Factor’den Yok Böyle Dans’a kadar pek çok programa imza attı.